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Round Top Dance Hall

A member of the Texas Dance Hall Preservation, Inc.

This 1907 historic dance hall is available for rent! It’s a perfect venue for booking a Rustic Wedding, Corporate Party or Special Occasion!

Call Jon at (281) 851-6779 for details.


History of the Round Top Dancehall…

The hall served as the community hall in Wesley, Texas.  The dance hall, originally referred to as the Airway Hall, was moved to Round Top to serve as an antique show venue 22 years ago by Howard Konetzke, the property’s previous owner.  According to Historic Dance Halls of East Central Texas, the Airway was so named because “…when the windows are raised, it appears ready for take-off.”   Like all the historic halls, the Airway (aka the Round Top Dance Hall) was built prior to air conditioning, so big windows and high ceilings helped draw in the breeze to keep dancers cool.  The current owner, Jon Perez, joined forces with the Texas Dance Hall Preservation and held a fund-raising dance featuring Asleep at the Wheel.  The event sold out, and the hall was filled with dancers who love authentic country music and the feel of a time-worn wooden floor beneath their boots.  Jon plans to host Saturday night dances during the cooler months and bring out a headliner at least quarterly, in addition to booking weddings.

At the original location

“On the Move” on Hwy 237

Asleep at the Wheel